formula cushion

Hard cushion for milk powder

Korea’s first breastfeeding cushion exclusively for powdered milk,
which prevents backflow and is optimized for
powdered breastfeeding with close-fitting design.

Point 01

Ergonomic design

The biggest problem with existing breastfeeding and breastfeeding cushions was maintaining an unstable posture. Baby Stella is concentrating on developing a cushion for stable breastfeeding to solve the problem of unstable posture during breastfeeding. Baby Stella is growing as a national breastfeeding cushion brand by solving mothers’ inconveniences one by one.

The optimal feeding angle for backflow prevention is 21o.

A 5 cm deep bend reduces the distance between baby and mother.

Point 02

Anti-backflow slope

Babies have a weak gastric function, so they easily reflux after eating breast milk or formula if they are not in a good posture or are in a bad condition. The Baby Stella Kangaroo formula cushion is designed with an angle setting of 21 degrees to prevent regurgitation of the baby.


In addition, reflecting the opinions of mothers who are currently breastfeeding, it is designed to be 6 degrees higher than the existing product ’15 degree real tilt breastfeeding cushion’, which prevents backflow and increases the amount of formula feeding. We have created a special cushion for breastfeeding optimized for

Comfort for adults that stays shut even when lying down

A baby’s stomach that opens easily due to weak muscles

Point 03

High-density sponge foam soft on the outside and strong on the inside

The high-density sponge foam is designed so that the baby can lie down for a long time in the most comfortable position without any discomfort. The high-density sponge foam, which is soft on the outside and strong on the inside, stably holds up to a bowling ball, helps your baby to rest comfortably. The sponge foam shape that keeps the head high and the hips low while closely adhering to the guardian’s stomach creates a natural nursing posture as if the baby is comfortably placed in a cradle.

Point 04

Waterproof cover to reduce washing time

The terrible experience of pouring out all of it by mistake while barely breastfeeding in a busy schedule… If you have raised a baby, you must have experienced it at least once. With the kangaroo formula cushion, you can forget about those worries for a while. The fact that the inner cover of the kangaroo milk powder cushion is made of a waterproof cover that is resistant to milk and powdered milk, so just wipe it clean and it will look like new! Baby Stella will reduce the troublesome laundry time in the daily life of busy mothers.

Point 05

Premium points that are regrettable if missing

Ergonomic design that is comfortable for both mother and baby

Inclined structure that does not shake the shoulder

Special mesh fabric for comfortable use of our hot baby

Non-fluorescent special mesh fabric that has been tested for safe use

Significantly improved mobility by adding a handle

Light weight, 605g

Detachable milk powder pocket

It is possible to install powdered milk pockets on the left and right sides.

Reliable Baby Stella Nursing Cushion

Safe to use without worrying about radon.

Since Baby Stella Nursing Cushion does not undergo any additional processing for additional functions such as negative ions, there is no radon emission.

However, because consumers may be concerned, we conducted a radon test on our own.

The results of the implementation are much lower than the recommended indoor radon concentration standard of 4 PCL/L, and this level is detected in everyday indoors, so you can use it without worrying about radon.

Even the zipper was meticulously taken care of.

The luxurious Baby Stella zipper slider is free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium and is designed to meet child safety standards.

Child safety check

The KC mark means that this product meets the children’s product safety certification standards. [ Child product safety certification number: CB015L0001-9001 ]

Design patent application

It is a patent application product of Mohaeng Co., Ltd. and is a product developed by Baby Stella, a brand specializing in infants. [Design application number: 30-2019-0018801]