Hands Free
Nursing Cushion

Soft cushion for breastfeeding and powdered milk

A high cushion with a cotton inner tube with
a good cushioning feel, the inner tube is washable and
designed to prevent natural backflow.

Real Review

I like that it can be washed

The nursing cushion was low at the cooking center, so it was very inconvenient to breastfeed with a towel on the footrest, so I found a high nursing cushion and bought it.

Baby sleeps on the cushion

First of all, it is a big advantage that there is less neck pain when breastfeeding because it is high. And maybe because it’s soft, the baby sleeps well on the cushion hahaha

I am so satisfied

I bought it on the recommendation of a friend and I am very satisfied with the height.

It’s perfect to lie down on a cushion

I bought it while looking for a high nursing cushion. It’s perfect because the baby lies down on the cushion.

Baby keeps trying to sleep on top

The baby keeps trying to sleep on it. The height is just right, and the cushion is neither too soft nor too hard, so the baby feels comfortable. It’s nice to be able to share the body temperature by sticking to the stomach. I stopped by the site again to buy another wide one.

It’s perfect for my height

I needed a high nursing cushion, but it’s perfect~~~ The cushion feel is good, so it’s nice that the height will be lower if the child gets heavier. It’s convenient to wash.

It’s tall and soft.

The Suyuku line was low at Jojowon, so it was inconvenient, so I deliberately looked for a higher one and bought it. It’s definitely high and fluffy, so I think the baby can sleep on it! recommended

Recommended for both breastfeeding and formula

I bought it in a hurry to breastfeed, but the delivery was fast and I was completely satisfied with the product. Even the baby sleeps soundly on the cushion. Both breastfeeding and formula milk are recommended.

Point 01

3 room flat structure

Usually, nursing cushions have a round shape by putting cotton in a single space. However, after dividing the nursing cushion into three areas, Baby Stella made a cushion optimized for breastfeeding by varying the amount and height of cotton in each room. Thanks to the partition wall that divides the space, the upper part of the nursing cushion is not round but inflated into a square shape so that the baby can lie down on the nursing cushion with a sense of stability.

Point 02

Anti-backflow slope

Babies have a weak gastric function, so they easily reflux after eating breast milk or formula if they are not in a good posture or are in a bad condition. The Baby Stella Two-hands Free Nursing Cushion has a high head and a low waist to create a natural feeding slope. Babies can sleep more deeply while breastfeeding because they can continue to sleep without holding or moving them to an anti-reflux cushion to prevent regurgitation.

Comfort for adults that stays shut even when lying down

A baby’s stomach that opens easily due to weak muscles

Point 03

Hips firmly supported, upper body soft

The different cotton density for each section firmly supports the baby’s buttocks and softly covers the upper body, making the baby feel comfortable throughout breastfeeding.

The amount of normal cotton, if the whole is the same density

3-room structure, higher cotton density in the buttocks

Point 04

Tub laundry is available.

During breastfeeding, milk or sweat permeates into the cushion, and bacteria proliferate well. For the health of your precious baby, make sure to check if the inner tube can be washed. The Baby Stella Two-Hands Free Nursing Cushion has a partition wall in the inner tube, so the cotton in the inner tube does not clump even after washing.

Point 05

Safe cover made of 100% pure cotton

The hands-free nursing cushion cover is a safe material made of 100% pure cotton.
The flat bottom design prevents the baby from slipping while nursing, and the baby maintains a comfortable and stable nursing position on the nursing cushion, so the mother’s hands are free.
The hands-free breastfeeding cushion’s waist belt wraps around the mother’s waist, making the breastfeeding cushion more closely attached to the body and eliminating instability that occurs during breastfeeding, making breastfeeding more comfortable.

Point 06

Premium points that are regrettable if missing

A full-bodied three-room structure

Storage pocket for handkerchief and mobile phone

Buckle for easy attachment and detachment

Convenient waist size adjustment

Easy-to-move handle

Simple removal and cleaning

Reliable Baby Stella Nursing Cushion

Safe to use without worrying about radon.

Since Baby Stella Nursing Cushion does not undergo any additional processing for additional functions such as negative ions, there is no radon emission.

However, because consumers may be concerned, we conducted a radon test on our own.

The results of the implementation are much lower than the recommended indoor radon concentration standard of 4 PCL/L, and this level is detected in everyday indoors, so you can use it without worrying about radon.

Even the zipper was meticulously taken care of.

The luxurious Baby Stella zipper slider is free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium and is designed to meet child safety standards.

Child safety check

The KC mark means that this product meets the children’s product safety certification standards. [ Child product safety certification number: CB015L0001-9001 ]

Design patent application

It is a patent application product of Mohaeng Co., Ltd. and is a product developed by Baby Stella, a brand specializing in infants. [Design application number: 30-2019-0018801]