Perfect Fit
Nursing Cushion

Hard cushion for breastfeeding

Motion form design that closely adheres to the
mother’s waist and a height-customized cushion
that can be selected according to height.

Real Review

It’s a waste of time to think about whether or not to live

I’m 171cm tall and it fits super high and I like it. In the meantime, it was really uncomfortable because the cushion was low, but it’s a waste of money because it’s a nursing cushion that I use several times a day.

I love the height!

I love the height!! The position of the baby and breast is right, so I am comfortable and the baby is breastfeeding comfortably! I needed quick delivery because I was leaving the kitchen midway, but thank you so much for responding to my inquiry at super speed and making it possible to receive it the next day. I’ll spend it well!!

Both baby and mother are comfortable

It is 169. If you are tall, you must use this. I almost broke my back, back and shoulders while using the C shape in the cooking center. For first-time mothers, it is difficult to maintain a breastfeeding position, so we recommend a fixed D-shaped breastfeeding position. This product is moderately firm and soft, so it is comfortable for your baby to lie down. Mom is comfortable too

Baby sleeps really well!

I read a review saying that if you are short, it is uncomfortable to be tall, but I think it is more comfortable to be tall because you are short! And the baby sleeps really well here.. amazing! Even if it’s tall, I feed it with a towel on the baby’s head 🙂 And it shrinks a little when I run the dryer!!

I really recommend it

I tried a different breastfeeding cushion at the postpartum care center, and it was too low, so I thought my back would bend, so I searched and thought hard before buying it! I chose the Baby Stella Nursing Cushion because other high-level nursing cushions say that my baby can go in and out. I’m 163cm tall, but I bought it in high 15cm, so it’s perfect. When breastfeeding, I use only one cloth diaper. This is a really recommended item.

A friend who helps with childcare

I’m in the middle of the day at height 174! If I hadn’t met this breastfeeding cushion, I might have given up halfway. Now, my 100-day-old baby has stronger sucking power and has become more comfortable in many ways, but in the beginning, I had to feed him for over 30 minutes and hold his posture. The thick breastfeeding cushion was the only parenting companion that helped me! Even with cushions and lighthouses on the sofa, the pacifier does not fall out and the child eats well!

Products with high purchase satisfaction

While I was breastfeeding my first baby and my second, I tried using different brands and different types of breastfeeding cushions, but the D type has a good sense of stability, and the Baby Stella is very convenient because the waist can be adjusted with a Velcro fastener, and there is also a cushion around the waist, so it supports the back. It’s a product that I’m really satisfied with the purchase 🙂

High and hard

The height is high and hard, so the child doesn’t get buried or roll over. I’m 165 tall when sitting, but the height is ok, but for some reason a 14cm would be just right. I thought 13 would be too low, so 15cm was better.

Point 01

Whatever body type, it adheres to and is fixed to the body.

For comfortable breastfeeding for both the mother and the child, it is important that the nursing cushion is firmly attached to the mother’s waist. Baby Stella has developed a motion form that allows the waist of the nursing cushion to move, and is designed to freely adjust the waist circumference with buckles and close-fitting Velcro fasteners. It can be adjusted to fit both the mother’s and father’s waists, and it is fixed to the waist without shaking, so there is no movement or lifting during breastfeeding.

Sponge foam

Buckle and velcro

Point 02

Choose the height that suits your body.

High : 13cm

Super High : 15cm

  • The high size is also higher than the existing hard nursing cushions.
  • If your mother’s height is less than 165cm, we recommend the High size. (It may vary depending on your sitting height or chest shape.)
  • Super High may be more suitable for newborns, but considering that children grow quickly, Super High can feel too high at some point.

Point 03

Feed lightly.

If the weight of the nursing cushion exceeds 1500g, it may feel heavy. High: 910g, Super High: 1050g, so you can use it lightly. Only bear the weight of our child!

High : 910g

Super High : 1050g

Point 04

You can use it for a long time with a waterproof inner cover.

A waterproof inner cover is included on the inside of the cover, so you can use it for a long time without worrying about contamination of the sponge.

Point 05

Have a comfortable nursing time!

Full-adherence D-type nursing cushion made by improving uncomfortable things according to the gaze of a breastfeeding mother. Now, enjoy a comfortable nursing time with the Parenting Mate Baby Stella Nursing Cushion.


Super High

Reliable Baby Stella Nursing Cushion

Safe to use without worrying about radon.

Since Baby Stella Nursing Cushion does not undergo any additional processing for additional functions such as negative ions, there is no radon emission.

However, because consumers may be concerned, we conducted a radon test on our own.

The results of the implementation are much lower than the recommended indoor radon concentration standard of 4 PCL/L, and this level is detected in everyday indoors, so you can use it without worrying about radon.

Even the zipper was meticulously taken care of.

The luxurious Baby Stella zipper slider is free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium and is designed to meet child safety standards.

Child safety check

The KC mark means that this product meets the children’s product safety certification standards. [ Child product safety certification number: CB015L0001-9001 ]

Design patent application

It is a patent application product of Mohaeng Co., Ltd. and is a product developed by Baby Stella, a brand specializing in infants. [Design application number: 30-2019-0018801]