Real Incline
Nursing Cushion

Hard cushion for breast milk and powdered milk

A cushion with an inclined design that prevents
backflow naturally without the mother or father lifting
the baby’s upper body with their arms.

Real Review

It has a slope, so it’s very comfortable

While checking the reviews, I saw that the seller gave feedback carefully one by one, and I believed that the product was a person with real affection and pride, so I bought it with confidence! I was uncomfortable breastfeeding while using a footrest at the cooking center, but it’s so comfortable because there’s a slope! It’s better because it’s a baby with severe reflux!

Eat comfortably

Eating is the most important thing, but I lie down on the Baby Stella cushion and eat comfortably. The design is so pretty and the slope prevents the baby from vomiting.

I love it as a baby gift

My baby is wearing it, and it’s so nice and comfortable that I gave it as a baby gift to an employee and she loves it!

It’s the best

I really should have lived a long time ago.. My back and wrists and arms don’t hurt anymore ㅠ The best

Big and really comfortable

It’s bigger than I thought and really comfortable. You don’t need a footrest, and the cushion is firm, so you don’t have to worry about it going out while using it. It’s expensive, but it’s also the most important thing when breastfeeding.

The slope is really comfortable

First of all, the shallow slope is really comfortable. I bought it while looking for the letter D because the letter C was inconvenient at the cooking center.

It’s comfortable and pretty because it has an angle

I’ve been breastfeeding for a while, and I vomited a lot. So I bought it, and it has an angle, so it’s comfortable and my wife says it’s good. It’s nice to have a waterproof mat on. The patterns are pretty too!

Baby eats very comfortably

It’s the best. The breastfeeding cushion used at the cooking center was too uncomfortable, so I searched and chose it. It’s so good.

Point 01

Stable breastfeeding posture and wrist protection with an inclined slope

When the breastfeeding posture is stable, proper latching and comfortable breastfeeding are possible. If you use a towel or pillow to adjust the height of the flat nursing cushion, you will have to change the position of the towel or pillow whenever your baby moves back and forth during feeding, making it difficult to find a nursing position throughout the entire feeding.


When breastfeeding, changing from the cradle position to the football position, you can easily breastfeed both the left and right breasts without turning over the nursing cushion. (Just turn the nursing cushion in the direction you want to breastfeed.)

Cradle posture

Football posture

Point 02

Anti-backflow slope

Babies have a weak gastric function, so they easily reflux after eating breast milk or formula if they are not in a good posture or are in a bad condition. Baby Stella Inclined Nursing Cushion has an inclined surface on which the baby lies, so just by laying the baby on the cushion, it helps with natural digestion and anti-reflux effect.


Babies can sleep more deeply while breastfeeding because they can continue to sleep on the inclined nursing cushion without carrying or moving them to the backflow prevention cushion to prevent backflow.

Comfort for adults that stays shut even when lying down

A baby’s stomach that opens easily due to weak muscles

Point 03

Wide-type breastfeeding cushion that can be used for the longest period in Korea

The part of the breastfeeding cushion where the baby lies is wide, so even a big baby can use it comfortably for a long time. Also, it is a wide breastfeeding cushion with an optimal height of 18cm that best fits the body size of modern women.

Point 04

Symmetrical structure ‘Reversible’

The upper and lower slopes are symmetrical, so the nursing cushion can be flipped over to switch between left and right slopes.

Switch right

Switch left

Point 05

Stable breastfeeding position with comfortable shoulders

Could it have just tilted? Baby Stella Nursing Cushion is not that simple. The elbow closure is also sloped for a stable shoulder position for the nursing mother.

Point 06

Premium points that are regrettable if missing

Quick and easy mounting with fastening belt

Storage pocket for handkerchief and mobile phone

Outer cover mesh material with good breathability for comfortable use by dissipating heat during breastfeeding

Simple removal and cleaning

Provided with high-density sponge foam (20kg / m3) that is light but has excellent bearing capacity
and shape stability, and a waterproof cover for hygienic use

3 Color

3 colors of real tilt nursing cushion


The blue color, which provides a sense of stability to the baby’s psychology, is mainly used in pastel tones, and the design is cutely arranged with emotionally comfortable natural materials.


Babies see things in black and white by 2 to 3 months, but from 4 to 6 months they begin to recognize colors, starting with red. The Mensa cover uses a lot of red, which can give visual stimulation to babies, and the pattern design was developed to develop visual stimulation and curiosity through simple lines and clear color contrast.


It is a design that can naturally fix the baby’s gaze through color contrast and repetitive arrangement of the star design, which is the symbol of the brand. For young babies, visual stimulation also catches sight and affects brain development.

Reliable Baby Stella Nursing Cushion

Industry’s first, special process method

To ensure that customers can use it more safely, Baby Stella specially manufactures sponge-only ovens for the first time in the industry and releases them after going through a volatile organic compound removal process (baking at 55°C or higher for 8 hours).

Baby Stella’s special process increases the stability of the sponge and makes it the best sponge without odor.

Safe to use without worrying about radon.

Since Baby Stella Nursing Cushion does not undergo any additional processing for additional functions such as negative ions, there is no radon emission. However, because consumers may be concerned, we conducted a radon test on our own.


The results of the implementation are much lower than the recommended indoor radon concentration standard of 4 PCL/L, and this level is detected in everyday indoors, so you can use it without worrying about radon.

Even the zipper was meticulously taken care of.

The luxurious Baby Stella zipper slider is free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium and is designed to meet child safety standards.

Child safety check

The KC mark means that this product meets the children’s product safety certification standards. [ Child product safety certification number: CB015L0001-9001 ]

Design patent application

It is a patent application product of Mohaeng Co., Ltd. and is a product developed by Baby Stella, a brand specializing in infants. [Design application number: 30-2019-0018801]