3D Curved
Nursing Cushion

Hard cushion for breastfeeding

The upper part of the cushion is designed in
three dimensions so that the baby’s nursing posture
adheres closely to the mother and prevents backflow naturally.

Real Review

I should have lived a long time ago

I was using a breastfeeding cushion that I inherited, but it didn’t fit the height and was uncomfortable, so I ordered it, but it’s a new world. It supports my back well, so it seems like my shoulders are straightening by itself, and I should have bought it a long time ago.

It’s a whole new world!

It’s a whole new world since I used this one after using Jojowon’s!!!!!! It doesn’t hurt your back or neck and it’s really good hahaha If your baby is breastfed here, it’s probably because it’s in close contact with the mother’s arms, so she falls asleep quickly~!

Very satisfied

I was worried because I thought it was small, but maybe it’s because my baby is small, it’s quite roomy, and I really like that both sides of the head are raised. The belly part is more concave, so the back bends on its own, so the baby takes care of a good suckling position. I am very satisfied.

Above all, the curve is really good.

I breastfed for 24 months with the breastfeeding cushion I inherited from the first time. The back cushion is also thick, so it’s strong, and above all, it’s really good because it’s curved. It’s easy to wash the cover, and I love that I can put my phone in the small pocket on the waterproof pad! I think I will recommend the Baby Stella breastfeeding cushion as a congratulatory gift to those around me.

A product worth the money!

This product is really worth the money! It would be so comfortable to have support behind your back…

It’s comfortable to stick to

I bought it from Jojowon for my baby. Jojowon can’t stick to me. My wrists and waist are out.

The height is good and it is comfortable

It provides back support when breastfeeding and is comfortable because the height is good. I like that it can be used while breastfeeding.

Gifted to a friend

I gifted it to a friend. They say the cushion feels good, and it’s very different from the one used in the kitchen.

Point 01

Optimal curved surface design with smooth curves

The newly renewed 3D breastfeeding cushion was inspired by the shape of the “velodrome” at the cycle stadium to improve the discomfort of our existing 3D curved breastfeeding cushion. The optimal curved surface design, gently curved like a velodrome, supports the most comfortable breastfeeding posture for babies, and allows both large and small babies to freely breastfeed in a comfortable position.

Point 02

Sturdy integral backrest

A solid backrest makes breastfeeding much more comfortable as it firmly holds the mother’s waist and the nursing cushion.
When the nursing cushion has a slope that allows the baby to come closer to the mother’s belly, if there is no backrest or if it is not properly held, the baby will fall between the nursing cushion and the mother’s belly, making breastfeeding very difficult.
The Baby Stella 3D Nursing Cushion has a solid back and is 1.5 cm longer than before, so you can feel a more stable fit and comfort.

Point 03

Optimal design method for light weight

Complaints that it is a bit heavy have been improved by using high-density foam with strong durability. The renewed 3-dimensional nursing cushion design is the essence of design for a lighter nursing cushion with comfort. Both sides of the nursing cushion are streamlined to give a soft feel while reducing weight, and the lower part of the nursing cushion is also designed with an optimal design method for light weight.

Existing 3D
Nursing Cushion Sponge
3D Nursing Cushion Sponge

Point 04

Breathable and waterproof pad

The waterproof pad included in the basic configuration uses air mesh to provide excellent breathability and water resistance.

※ It is not waterproof for a long time, so if you vomit or spill breast milk or powdered milk during use, remove the pad and wipe or dry it.

Point 05

NEW 3D Nursing Cushion Sponge

The softly curved curved surface has a slope that keeps the baby’s head high and the hip low in the left and right directions and adheres to the mother’s belly, creating a natural nursing posture as if being comfortably placed in a cradle.

Point 06

Premium points that are regrettable if missing

Optimized height and curvature for breastfeeding

Storage pocket for handkerchief and mobile phone

Breathable mesh material for comfortable use by dissipating heat during breastfeeding

Quick and easy mounting with fastening belt

It is wrapped in a
luxurious dust bag in a
plastic bag for transportation
to further enhance the luxury.
Also great for gifts!

Reliable Baby Stella Nursing Cushion

Industry’s first, special process method

To ensure that customers can use it more safely, Baby Stella specially manufactures sponge-only ovens for the first time in the industry and releases them after going through a volatile organic compound removal process (baking at 55°C or higher for 8 hours).

Baby Stella’s special process increases the stability of the sponge and makes it the best sponge without odor.

Safe to use without worrying about radon.

Since Baby Stella Nursing Cushion does not undergo any additional processing for additional functions such as negative ions, there is no radon emission. However, because consumers may be concerned, we conducted a radon test on our own.

The results of the implementation are much lower than the recommended indoor radon concentration standard of 4 PCL/L, and this level is detected in everyday indoors, so you can use it without worrying about radon.

Even the zipper was meticulously taken care of.

The luxurious Baby Stella zipper slider is free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium and is designed to meet child safety standards.

Child safety check

The KC mark means that this product meets the children’s product safety certification standards. [ Child product safety certification number: CB015L0001-9001 ]

Design patent application

It is a patent application product of Mohaeng Co., Ltd. and is a product developed by Baby Stella, a brand specializing in infants. [Design application number: 30-2019-0018801]