3D Curved
Nursing Cushion

The upper part of the cushion is designed in three dimensions so that the baby’s nursing posture adheres closely to the mother and prevents backflow naturally.

Real Incline
Nursing Cushion

A cushion with an inclined design that prevents backflow naturally without the mother or father lifting the baby’s upper body with their arms.

Perfect Fit
Nursing Cushion

Motion form design that closely adheres to the mother’s waist and a height-customized cushion that can be selected according to height.

Both Hands Free
Nursing Cushion

A high cushion with a cotton inner tube with a good cushioning feel, the inner tube is washable and designed to prevent natural backflow.

Nursing Cushion for
Formula Milk

Korea’s first breastfeeding cushion exclusively for powdered milk, designed to prevent backflow and fit closely to the cushion optimized for formula feeding.